My name is Carsten and I live in #Aarhus in #Denmark. This is my digital garden.

A digital garden – someone wrote elsewhere – is an online space at the intersection of a notebook and a blog. The digital gardener – in this case me – can use this little plot of online real-estate to sow seeds and grow, well, whatever they want.

What distinguishes the digital garden from a blog?

Well, first of all – blogs are typically chronological, a blogpost is a post in time. In contrast, posts in a digital garden are typically continually edited as the gardener learns new things about a subject or an interest.

At least, you know, that's the idea and my intention.

Why did I create this space?

I want a space for writing about my interests as I develop them – I have a lot of them – without thinking too much about who I am writing for. I write for me, and I write for whoever happens to pass by my garden. Which probably won't be many people – but that's ok.

So – the aim here is to create a semi-structured body of work about my hobbies and other things for me and others to find pleasure in. A place where I structure my notes about a subject.