Caesar Gaius Messius Quintus Traianus Decius Augustus was Roman Emperor from 249 to 251.


Around 245, Emperor Philip I entrusted Decius with an important command on the Danube. By the end of 248 or 249, Decius was sent to quell the revolt of Pacatianus and his troops in Moesia and Pannonia – and after the collapse of the revolt, Decius reluctantly let the troops proclaim him Emperor.

Philip advanced against him and was killed at Verona, Italy, in September 249. The Senate then recognized Decius as Emperor, giving him the attribute Traianus in reference to the emperor Trajan.

In the last year of his reign, he co-ruled with his son Herennius Etruscus until they were both killed in the Battle of Abritus against the Goths.

My Coins

I have quite number of coins of Decius and his dependents:

# Reference Obverse Reverse Notes
1 Sear 9364 Abvndantia Avg
2 Sear 9366 Adventvs Avg
3 Sear 9368 Dacia
4 RIC 37c Dacia Felix
5 Sear 9378 Pannoniae
6 RIV 4 p 122 Pannoniae
7 Sear 9387 Victoria Avg

Herennia Etruscilla – his wife

# Reference Obverse Reverse Notes
1 Sear 9495 Pudicitia Avg

Herennius Etruscus – his son and co-emperor in 251

# Reference Obverse Reverse Notes
1 Sear 9518 Concordia Avgg