Trebonianus Gallus

Gaius Vibius Afinius Trebonianus Gallus Augustus was Roman Emperor from 251 to 253, in a joint rule with his son Volusianus.

His early career was a typical cursus honorum. In 250 he was nominated governor of Moesia Superior, an appointment that showed the confidence that emperor Decius had in him.

In June 251, Decius and his co-emperor and son Herennius Etruscus died in the Battle of Abrittus at the hands of the Goths. When the army heard the news, they proclaimed Gallus emperor, despite Hostilian ascending to the throne in Rome. Gallus did not back down, but accepted Hostilian as co-emperor.

In 253, the army became displeased with Gallus and proclaimed Aemilian emperor. Gallus died in battle against him at Interamna later that year.

My coins

I have a couple of coins of Trebonianus Gallus and his dependents.

# Reference Obverse Reverse Notes
1 Sear 9648 Sacvllvm Novvm

Volusian – his son

# Reference Obverse Reverse Notes
1 Sear 9742 Concordia Avgg