Roman Coins

Roman coins are fun to collect because they're numerous and as a result not too expensive. They were, after all, typically struck in the millions by an empire which spanned most of Europe, the Near East, and North Africa.

You can divide Roman coinage into several periods, largely coinciding with political and geographical developments. The traditional “collection areas” are:

Also in the realm of Roman coinage are Roman Provincial coinage – sometimes called Greek Imperial coins. They are local coins from typically the Greek-speaking eastern states and city states struck under Roman authority.

My Collection

The majority of my coins are from the Roman Empire.

Twelve Caesars ( 27 BCE-96 CE)

The Adoptive Emperors (93-196)

The Year(s) of the Five Emperors (193)

The Severan Period (193-235)

Crisis of the 3rd Century (235-270)

Recovery (270-293)